Inside Classic Car Club Manhattan: Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Drive

When you were just a young kid dreaming of what the future might bring, if you loved cars, you might have imagined having access to all the insane rides you could ever want. From supercars to off-road trucks— they would fill your garages to the brim and you’d never have to give them up. Then adulthood steps in, and all those dreams of owning those cars quickly become intangible. You begin to understand that they require vast sums of money, not only to buy, but to maintain. Ever seen the bill for a car engine that was built in a hermetically sealed laboratory? Or one that was crafted by artisans in the middle of Italy? Woof. You'll definitely need a whole lot of money to get behind the wheel of one of those. RELATED: See Photos of the Ferrari 458
But what if I told you that you could still live those dreams? There is a way for you to have access to all the cars you could ever want or need? You’d just need to call a number and pick up whichever car you want at a moment’s notice? I’m fairly certain most all of you would call BS. However, there is such a wondrous place, and it's called the Classic Car Club Manhattan. About 10 years ago, two men began a journey that would lead them in completely different directions than what they had first anticipated. Those two men are Zac Moseley and Michael Prichinello. Both had a passion for cars, but neither could have foreseen where their lives would head. Now, Classic Car Club Manhattan is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so we stopped by to check out what makes them tick, and to drool over the plethora of amazingly brilliant cars in their collection. We were not disappointed. RELATED: See Photos of the Porsche 911 GT3 First off, just walking to Classic Car Club Manhattan is an interesting prospect. The building is so unassuming that you’d pass right by it without ever taking a second glance. You’d never know the caliber of automobiles housed within its walls. That said, stepping into the world of Classic Car Club Manhattan is like stepping into a dream. You glance to your right and a replica Porsche 550 Spyder stares directly back at you. Glance to your left, and you are greeted with both a white Ferrari 458 and silver and black racing striped AC Cobra. Then you step further into the space; a new 991 Porsche GT3. A McLaren 12C. A new Corvette Z06. Astons, Mercs, and a plethora of BMWs from throughout the automaker's history litter the rest of the shop. You get a bit dizzy, and your legs seem to start to buckle, especially after walking through the aisle you just did. It’s as if it’s your birthday, Christmas, Chanukah, Halloween, and brunch all rolled up into one. Then after you’ve regained your balance, you walk further into the space, and that woozy feeling wafts back over you. Further past the entrance's immediate supercars positioned perfectly to attract your attention are a set of lifts and a host of cars packed tightly. RELATED: See Photos of the BMW 2002 This set of automobiles really makes me swoon. In this little area, Classic Car Club Manhattan has a jet black Charger, a 964 Porsche that’s been heavily modified, a perfectly done up 240Z, one of the best Ford Broncos I’ve ever seen, and their own interpretation of what a M 2002 BMW would have been like if the factory had ever built one. That last car, the 2002, was in my opinion one of the most covetable cars in the entire collection. That said, Classic Car Club Manhattan’s Ford GT replica makes this entire collection stand out in a way that wouldn’t be possible without it. Now we’ve covered this particular Ford GT before on BoldRide, and there’s a simple fact on why we keep paying homage to it. It’s effing perfect. Standing next to it gives you goosebumps. Sure, it’s not an original, but is it epically cool. This car has a certain aura about it that just exudes cool. It’s as if you’re standing next to Steve McQueen or Ayrton Senna. The combination between the vast racing history, with one of the most famous racing liveries on the planet just capture your imagination. It’s easy to see why Classic Car Club Manhattan has kept this car around. RELATED: See Photos of the Ford GT It is not only the dizzying array of every car you’ve ever coveted, though, that makes Classic Car Club Manhattan the destination it is. It’s how the club treats its clientele. Not only do they have all the cars you want, but they also have a cool lounge area where they can host parties or gatherings with all its members. It’s full of automobile memorabilia and other random bits of automotive history. It also has a full bar, which is something every hangout should have. There are a few scant places around the globe that can inspire such want, but Classic Car Club Manhattan is one of them. Stepping into their world is like stepping into not only the pages of history, but stepping into the minds of passionate car people from around the world. Because it’s that passion, that drive, and that inability to obey speed limits that links us all together. Getting the chance to see how Classic Car Club Manhattan aids in making dreams into reality was an eye opening experience. And it just goes to show you, maybe if you’re lucky and work your ass off, you’ll have that dream garage one day. Well, at least Classic Car Club Manhattan will, and you can join them. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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