Pagani is Building Another Special Edition Zonda, Of Course

It’s hard to believe that the production cycle of the Pagani Zonda ended four years ago. Not because it seems like just yesterday Pagani was still producing them, but because they still are. For the longest time, Pagani has said that they would not build another Zonda. But every time we seem to hear about Pagani, they’re making one more that they promise is totally the last one. Until it isn’t. Not that we're complaining, but next month Pagani will debut another last Zonda in Geneva. Called the Zonda 760 JC, it will continue the long line of staggeringly beautiful cars to come out of Pagani’s small factory. RELATED: See More Photos of the Pagani Zonda
The new Zonda will feature the same Mercedes derived V12 engine making 760 horsepower. It will be finished in a clear carbon fiber with bright pink accents which make the car look a bit funny, but even then, still gorgeous. Hopefully, Pagani will continue to make this beautiful car for some time to come. Although if they do decide to end the Zonda permanently this time, you can always have a Huayra. Oh wait, those just sold out too. RELATED: See More of the Pagani Huayra _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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