Teen Lucky to Be Alive After Playing Chicken in the Street Goes Wrong

From an early age, the cardinal rule “don't play in the street” is drummed into kids' heads by their parents. While the potentially deadly consequences seem like a deterrent enough, not everybody listens. These teenagers didn't and while both are fine, one of them is very lucky to be alive.  This dashcam footage, recorded on a country road near Telford in the UK, captures the moment when two teenagers dart across the road while playing a game of chicken. One makes it safely across while the other changes course and is hit by a tractor trailer traveling at 45 miles per hour. Miraculously, according to the Shropshire Star, the teen walked away with only a bruised ankle. VIDEO: Mechanic gets busted after taking car on a 188 mph joy ride
The driver, who was quite shaken up by the incident, immediately alerted police and presented the footage. Due to the driver's abidance with the 60 mph speed limit and the obvious acts of the teenagers, no legal action was taken. The dashcam footage was released by the camera's manufacturer as a warning to others hoping to engage in a game of chicken with a 40 ton truck. If there was ever an ideal opportunity to say, “don't try this at home kids,” this is it. RELATED: This odd 1917 race car was built to be the safest on the road _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide