Amazing Greenhouse Full of Vintage Cars Unearthed in Europe

You never know what you'll find when you're wandering about in the country, as these photographs taken at a greenhouse in Europe prove. All of these beautiful vintage cars were found sitting around at a farm, just waiting for someone to restore them to their former glory. Rich Duisberg of MotorPunk came across the stash when he was visiting the farm to do some research on a rare Maserati. He had no idea that he'd find all of this sitting around the property. RELATED: See a Huge Dodge Salvage Lot in Alabama The owner told him that there were 600 cars in one greenhouse and another 250 scattered around. This is a truly huge collection in various states of disrepair. Some are just rusted shells but other look to be in better shape, just in need of the right care to bring them back to life. In the time since these photos were taken, the whole lot has been moved to a more secure facility. If you were planning on roaming the countryside in hopes of finding these cars, you're too late. Hopefully it was all moved because the owner realized the true value of what he had and is finally getting the cars some much needed attention. RELATED: See a Wisconsin Junkyard Full of Classics _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide