Tesla Model S Gets Taxi Duty in Tokyo

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S has become possibly the lowest of the low for a luxury sedan: an everyday taxi. A Tokyo company has started operating a fleet of them to make taxi travel a little more luxurious, and a lot greener. It seems like an interesting gamble. On one hand, you build product awareness. On the other, the Tesla Model S gets associated with being a taxi. Just think Ford Crown Victorias and a yellow Manhattan cab pops into your head. AutoEvolution.com reports via a Japanese website that a Tokyo taxi company has launched a fleet of three Tesla Model S electric vehicles as taxis. In Tokyo, Nissan Leafs are the popular choice for EV taxis. They're also a lot cheaper. As the Japanese website points out, the Leaf costs 3 million yen (about $25,300) while the Tesla S costs 10 million yen (roughly $85,000). RELATED: Watch People Freak At The Tesla's Insane Acceleration The one advantage, supposedly, to using the Tesla S as a taxi it its extended range. Taxi drivers would probably go a full shift without having to recharge. However, there appear to be sufficient quick-charge stations in Tokyo to make that point moot. Somewhat hilariously, Japanese observers comment that the Tesla S doesn’t make a good taxi for the Tokyo market because it lacks rear cupholders and the doors aren’t self-opening. Apparently that’s a big thing over there. RELATED: See More Photos Of The Tesla Model S _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide