Watch this Carjacker Lead Police on a Dramatic High Speed Chase

The high speed police chase is somewhat of an Internet and late night TV spectacle, but to the countless innocent bystanders affected by them, we doubt it's hardly entertaining. This carjacker tried his luck against police last Monday in Los Angeles and wound up losing, but not before turning downtown LA into something straight out of an action movie.  According to KTTV Fox 11, the chase began in Boyle Heights after the suspect stole a gray Toyota Camry. The helicopter footage then shows him blasting through a busy intersection, darting across medians, and even barreling through a road sign. RELATED: Check out the new 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
The driver would eventually lose control of the sedan, clip two cars and a telephone pole near the city of South Gate, but the run of terror didn't stop there. After failing to carjack a white sedan, the man pulled a gun on a 22-year old woman in a Volkswagen and then set off down the Long Beach Freeway, darting through traffic. The suspect's luck would soon run out however. After being pinned between two vehicles on the Pomona Freeway, the driver attempts to carjack at least two other motorists before police wound him and take him into custody. VIDEO: Watch a Lamborghini police car chase another Lamborghini _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide