Apple Allegedly Working on 'Titan' Electric Vehicle

Apple has undeniably made its mark on the modern world, not just by introducing revolutionary products, but by actually changing the way we live. Now it appears Apple will undertake an all-new project, reaching far beyond sleek laptops and do-it-all cell phones: electric cars.  According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a clandestine electric automobile program, codename “Titan,” which already staffs “several hundred” employees at a secret development center, away from Apple's Infinite Loop campus. The endeavor allegedly got the go-ahead from Apple CEO Tim Cook in the early part of 2014, and could swell to include 1,000 employees in the not-so-distant future. The reported shape of the secretive Apple EV? A minivan. RELATED: Take a closer look at Google's self-driving car The report comes just days after mysterious Dodge Caravans fitted with cameras, LiDAR laser arrays, and other computer equipment were spotted roaming the San Francisco Bay Area. The vans, one of which was tracked through the California DMV back to Apple, are believed to be tasked with fine-tuning Apple's mapping service and likely aren't directly related to the 'Titan' project. The report goes on to say that project is headed up by Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer and designer of the iPod and iPhone. He has free reign to poach employees from different parts of the company to add to his team. This news comes after earlier reports suggested that Apple had been aggressively pursuing engineers at Tesla with large pay bumps and bonuses. Considering the project initiated no longer than a year ago, we likely won't see an Apple-branded EV for a number of years. But if and when we do, it could very well be a game-changer, facing up against the likes of the Tesla Model X and Chevrolet Bolt. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide