Ken Block Ford Focus RS Rally Car Looks Insanely Cool

Ken Block— the man, the myth, the legend. When he’s not messing around in his Ford Fiesta rally car, he’s either putting his Ford RaptorTRAX through an avalanche or driving his all-wheel drive Ford Mustang around LA. What a life. But going into the 2015 racing season, Block might need a new ride. Thankfully, with Ford debuting the new hotted-up Focus RS, there might just be a perfect solution. If you were thinking a Ken Block Ford Focus RS rally car, you were correct. RELATED: Watch Ken Block Hoon the 2016 Ford Focus RS The concept was done by CarWow leading up to the 2015 rally season. It looks epic. It’s got all the goodness you would expect from a Ken Block special, but sitting on top of Ford's feisty new Focus RS. Of course, in rally spec, the RS would have to be de-tuned to 300 horsepower thanks to regulations. But if we’re thinking outlandishly here — and we are — Ken Block could pump as much as 800 horsepower out of this machine and put it to use in Gymkhana 8. Why hasn't this already happened? RELATED: Check Out the All-New Ford Focus RS _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide