Aston Martin Vulcan Might be Britain's Newest Hypercar

We haven’t heard much breaking news out of Aston Martin lately, other than an obvious role in James Bond’s new SPECTRE film. But in a quick new teaser, Aston is titillating us with something called ‘Vulcan.’ You don’t see any of the car, but rather, you hear what sounds like a turbocharged engine — possibly a hybrid — barreling down a track at a high rate of speed. Is this Aston’s answer to the Ferrari FXX Ks and McLaren P1 GTRs of the world? Will it be Aston's first hybrid? So many questions— we’ll just have to wait and see when it makes its Geneva debut. RELATED: James Bond Gets a Sleek New Aston Martin in SPECTRE For now, listen for yourself and tell us what you think it might be in the comments section below:
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