Monte Carlo Rally Footage Will Leave You in Awe

Rally driving in itself is a pretty incredible feat. Tame a 300-horsepower hatchback while rocketing through villages, woods, and mountains. For fun add in undulating stretches of snow, tarmac, gravel and dirt. Yeah, not so easy.  At the recent Rallye Monte-Carlo, the kick-off to the 2015 World Rally Championship, ace driver Robert Kubica showed that he knows a thing or two about zipping his Ford Fiesta RS around a rally special stage. Take a look. RELATED: Check out Volkswagen's new 2015 Polo R WRC rally car
It's apparent that Kubica was on maximum attack. The first portion of the stage starts out nice and open but leads into some sharp twists and hairpins, and, at least from us, a few winces. Kubica doesn't seem to mind and pulls off some staggering high-speed runs from village to village later in the video. The Pole went on to finish the stage in second place, two seconds behind Sébastien Loeb. That's not a bad place to be considering Loeb holds nine consecutive World Rally Championship driver's titles. RELATED: Toyota turned the Yaris into a 300HP rally monster ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide