Cows Chasing An RC Car is the Funniest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

It's tricky business learning how to herd cows. You've got to learn how to ride a horse and stuff, so it takes some time. That is, unless you happen to have an RC car at your disposal. This video shows the absolutely ridiculous proof that you don't need a cowboy to herd your cattle. You don't even need a person in a vehicle of any kind, but rather, just an RC car and a guy holding the remote somewhere at a safe distance. RELATED: See An RC Truck That Pulls Real Trucks
These cows follow an RC car as it zips along the ground, tracking it like a cat focused on one of those laser pointers. They're not afraid of the car and not trying to squash it, but are completely mesmerized by the toy. You'd think they'd get carried away and accidentally stomp it to bits, but no, they carefully avoid trampling it under their hooves. Now, aside from this being one of the stranger things you'll see, even stranger is how a guy decided to try this in the first place. My guess is that there were several beers involved and possibly a triple dog dare. Lucky for the RC car, the cows seem to be okay with it all. RELATED: 5 Awesome RC Cars on Anyone's Wishlist _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide