Kia and LeBron Releasing a "King James Edition" K900

What would a King drive? In regards to NBA royalty LeBron Raymone James, his chariot is most recently a Kia K900. The two entered a marketing deal this past year to help promote Kia's highest-priced luxury car. Starting at $54,500, the general public still hasn't fully accepted the idea of a high-end Kia. Thus, the car hasn't sold well, despite LeBron's admiration of it. In a new extra effort, though, Kia will be releasing a special version of the K900 called the King James Edition (if you live under a rock, that's LeBron's nickname). Bron Bron posted the teaser on his Instagram just days before NBA All-Star weekend, captioning the photo, "We just getting started #AllStar2015 #K900 #StriveForGreatness." Kia is already the official sponsor of the NBA and has another All-Star in Blake Griffin on the marketing squad, so the full reveal should happen some time on Saturday or Sunday. There haven't been any other details released on what the special edition will include, but a car made entirely out of Flywire, Hyperposite, and Megafuse to match his shoes would be pretty dope. RELATED: Lebron James’ Garage Has An Epic Selection of Supercars and SUVs
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