Tom Brady Gave His MVP Chevrolet Colorado to Malcolm Butler

This isn't surprising at all. As previously outlined, Tom Brady already has a fine stable of automobiles. So when he was awarded a brand new Chevrolet Colorado to go with his Super Bowl MVP trophy, the masses agreed that he should just do the right thing and give 24-year-old rookie Malcolm Butler, who made the game-saving interception in the Super Bowl, the truck. And he did. “We had a meeting, and (Brady) was just like, ‘Congratulations on the big play, and you can get the keys to that truck,’ ” Butler said, according to NESN. “And I was just like, ‘Thank you.' ... Tom’s a great guy for doing that. I couldn’t have done all of it without my teammates. I’m just thankful for having the truck.” RELATED: Chevy Gave Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady a Truck He'll Never Use Either way, Chevy has gotten even more than initially anticipated out of this. The extra storylines and the additional screen time is just more bang for its advertising buck. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide