Watch The 7 Rules For Not Looking Like a Fool in a Hellcat

There have been plenty of videos showing the new Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats getting their butts handed to them due to what can only be described as user error. Sometimes this results in a crash, and sometimes it just results in horrible embarrassment. One guy has had enough, and came up with 7 rules to make sure you don't look like an ass in your Hellcat. It starts with the simplest and easiest tip to follow, which is to use the red key. If you use the black key you're neutering your car, so just forget that key exists and leave it in the house. Second, you should always use the Shift Light system so you don't totally screw up a launch. RELATED: Watch a Hennessey GMC Yukon Out-Sprint a Hellcat Third, put on a wider set of rear tires because you're going to need that extra width to handle all that horsepower. The last group of rules involves things you should not do. This includes racing things with AWD, anything with a retracting rear spoiler, electric vehicles, or jet aircraft. Yes, that last one is super important because you'll be sorely tempted to take on that fighter jet sitting next to you at a stop light. Don't do it. The guy in the cockpit has serious training and he will make you look like a complete fool. Fighter pilots are just that badass. The rules are great, but you've got to hear his NSFW commentary to fully appreciate his points. RELATED: Watch a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Race An F16 Fighter Jet
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