Cringe At the Sight of This Wrecked Pagani

We’re not sure how to properly mourn a car, or even if we should be. However, that hasn’t stopped the consistent weeping that’s been rampant since we saw these photos of this wrecked Pagani. It’s not just because it’s a Pagani that we’re blubbering all over our computers, but because this particular Pagani was one of a very select few that was once a Zonda F. And now it is not. RELATED: SeePhotos of an Intact Pagani Zonda Last week in downtown Dubai — the only place you’re likely to see a Zonda F — authorities came to the aid of a crashed car. And like many accident’s in Dubai, there was a supercar involved: this time a pristine 2007 Pagani Zonda F. From the pictures, the car looks to have hit a curb and then careened off and slammed into a concrete tree planter. And it definitely looks to be… a write off. This makes this a sad day indeed. Although, if you have enough money for a Zonda, maybe there’s a chance of rebuilding it, however slim that might look. RELATED: See More Supercar Wrecks Thankfully the driver was said to have walked away uninjured and no one else was hurt. Although, no car enthusiast should have to endure the pain of seeing any Pagani like this, let alone a Zonda F. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide