Connecticut Lawmaker Says Dogs Cause Distracted Driving

Like to drive around with your dog on your lap? Stay away from Connecticut. A bill has been introduced that wants you to focus on driving and not letting your dog stick its head out the window. In some senator's view, it’s right up there with distracted driving. Barking from your canine companion could equate to sending a text to your BFF. RELATED: Traveling with Dogs in a 2014 GMC Sierra The proposed Connecticut law would equate driving with a dog in your lap to distracted driving. First-time fine is $150 all the way up to $500 for a third offense. The CT Humane Society is in favor of the bill, because it doesn’t want Spot hurling through your windshield during a sudden stop. Its executive driver wants all dogs restrained in the back seat with pet harnesses. RELATED: See the Dog Friendly 2010 Honda Element Of course, this law is never going to work. You know why? Service animals! That’s right. Just like people can fly with pot belly pigs because it helps them deal with stress, people are going to get letters from their doctors saying they need Snookums up front to help them deal with road rage. What do you think? Has Connecticut gone too far? As one commenter said, what next? Regulating bird feeders? _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide