Ferrari 488 Gets Even Hotter With 3 New Renderings

Long gone are the glory days of naturally aspirated engines. Today, some of the best cars on the road either get turboed to all hell, or use some sort of hybrid setup. Ferrari is not immune to change, as we saw with the turbocharged 661-horsepower 488 that debuted recently. Even with a turbocharged V8, though, the 488 is a screamer. Even better, it has the possibility to get much hotter, as you can see with these three renderings. RELATED: See Photos of the 661HP Ferrari 488 Ferrari 488 GTS Like the 458 Spider, it seems like the simplest thing to do would be to chop the top off. Our friends at TopSpeed did this exactly with the new 488, and like its 458 sibling, it looks like 661-horsepower worth of open top fun. Ferrari 488 Speciale With 661 horsepower, the 488 is hot indeed. But imagine a stripped out, hardcore version of which. That’s where this 488 Speciale rendering comes in, courtesy of Cavalino Design. Stripes and all. RELATED: This Rendered Ferrari 488XX Needs to Happen Ferrari 488 FXX But if a 488 GTS isn’t to your liking, nor is a Speciale hot enough for you — enter, the 488 FXX. Using the LaFerrari FXX K as inspiration, artist E. Milano mocked up a race-ready, no-nonsense 488 for the track. It looks epic. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide