Wife Takes Out Her Anger on Unfaithful Husband's Audi R8

Ouch. It's pretty rough getting raked over the coals in divorce court, but there are few things more painful than seeing your expensive mid-engined supercar thoroughly defaced like this. The owner of this red Audi R8 apparently cheated on the wrong woman, and she's taken it out on what is probably his prized possession. The wife may not have been all that creative in her revenge, but she certainly was thorough. All the body panels seem to have insults keyed into them, badges have been pulled off, lights have been caved in, and vent covers have been broken. The rear window has even been shattered, raining down shards of glass into that expensive engine bay and exposing it to the elements. VIDEO: Seahawks Fans Destroy Ford Bronco On the inside, we again see just how pissed this lady really was. Upholstery is ripped, the radio is broken, and the instrument panel is pretty much completely destroyed. The windshield is also cracked top to bottom. The dirt and leaves throughout the interior would also suggest that, like the engine bay, the inside of this R8 has been left exposed to Mother Nature. These pictures came from social media, so of course, we don't know the complete story. But it must have been sweet revenge. It's just a shame that it had to be such a nice car. No doubt she's still very upset with her philandering husband, but at least she's about to get half of his money in court. RELATED: Watch Some Texans Destroy Trucks to Stop Terrorists _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide