Buy a Datsun 260Z Rally Car, Get the Team Too

On the whole, motorsport is not a cheap endeavor. Race cars are expensive to build, engines break down, spare parts are costly, and mechanics won't work for free. The lesson to be learned here – try to stretch your dollar and grab as much as you can for the price. 

If you're looking to conquer East African rally stages, this might be the perfect moment to pounce. This 1975 Datsun 260Z rally car will cross the Silverstone Auctions block later this month. It comes with everything you'll need to tackle the tough stuff, well, everything just short of friends to help you out. RELATED: Take a closer look at Datsun's famous '70s Z cars In the early 2000s, UK businessman Steve Perez dreamed of building a rally car to compete in the grueling East African Safari Rally. In 2007, he turned those aspirations into reality in the form of this Datsun 260Z. It was built with no expenses spared and has since netted a handful of successful results, including a 3rd overall finish in 2009, a 5th place in 2011, and a 4th place overall in 2013. Underneath the hood, the '75 260Z packs the standard 2.6-liter straight-six engine. There's no word on horsepower or other performance figures, but thanks to its taller ride height and off-road suspension, it'll surely handle desert whoops better than your average mid '70s Datsun. VIDEO: Watch this rally driver encounter unexpected traffic Now, it's up for sale and comes with an extensive list of spare parts, wheels, tires, and custom-built components unique to the car. Also included is the large support truck which – unless you're hoping to go it alone – will likely come in very handy. RELATED: Datsun is coming back to life with the all-new GO hatchback _____________________________________