Victory Charger Could Be the First Electric Motorcycle from Polaris

Less than a month has passed since Polaris acquired electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo and the first bike to come out of that partnership may already be in the works. Recently, Polaris filed for a trademark on a new bike that is specifically listed as an electric motorcycle. According to Jalopnik, The Victory Charger is the name of this trademarked bike, which would be a new iteration of the Victory bike that was first introduced by Polaris back in 1997 to compete with Harley-Davidson. In a little history repeating itself, Harley-Davidson already has an electric bike in development, the LiveWire, which may see production by the end of the year. RELATED: See Photos of the 2015 Polaris Slingshot Although Polaris hasn't had the same amount of time to develop a new electric bike as Harley-Davidson has, having all of Brammo's IP at their fingertips should let them get something to market relatively quickly. It might not be something that competes directly with the LiveWire, but simply having an electric bike out there would be good for the company. Polaris might also get that product out there first, drawing a lot of people to investigate their bike over the Harley-Davidson simply due to availability. This would also give them bragging rights for being first to market. Details on the Victory Charger, beyond the fact that it's electric, are still a mystery. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Harley Davidson Project LiveWire ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide