Watch Cars and Explosions Galore in Full "Furious 7" Trailer

As it turns out, the Furious 7 commercial you saw during the Super Bowl was actually just another teaser. NBC Universal dropped off the full-length theatrical trailer last night, and it's full of unexpected elements. It has a bevy of family moments, lots of fire and explosions, a few guns, a couple silly cars, and a few moments when Hobbs literally acts exactly like The Rock. In other words, it looks amazing. Has anybody noticed that the Fast and Furious movies basically did what The Expendables is doing now, but before The Expendables was doing it? Every film injects one or more outrageous action stars into the cast. The addition of Jason Statham should provide some excellent fun, but he'll be a total waste if he doesn't drive an Audi A8 W12. RELATED: Watch the Lykan HyperSport Jump Skyscrapers in ‘Furious 7′ Super Bowl Trailer