Dubai Police Add Lexus RC F and Toyota Land Cruiser to Their Fleet

Oh, to be a police officer in Dubai. The cars these guys drive make the ones most officers drive look like child's play. They've already got a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, Ferrai, and Aston Martin in their fleet, and now they've added a new Lexus RC F to the mix. It's painted up in green and white to match the other cars and was one of two recent purchases. The other vehicle is a short wheelbase three-door Toyota Land Cruiser for those tougher, off-road encounters. RELATED: See The Dubai Police Fleet's Bugatti Veyron The Dubai Police Commander in Chief checked out their new rides and seemed pretty pleased, although these are much more low-brow then some of the other cars. Supposedly it's not that he has a thing for expensive rides and an expansive budget, but a combination of need and appearance. There are a large number of supercars on the roads in Dubai and they've had problems with racing. Having a few supercars of their own not only evens the odds, it might also make someone think twice before breaking the law in the first place. This Lexus and Toyota will generally run patrols and drive through high-visibility areas, but just knowing they've got them there to use will probably dissuade a few potential racers. RELATED: Watch Some of The Hot Cars in The Dubai Fleet Hit The Road
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