Let’s Hope the Ford GT Racecar Looks This Good

With everyone eager to find out how the new Ford GT is behind the wheel, most have forgotten why Ford originally resurrected the nameplate. When we first began hearing rumors about Ford bringing back the GT moniker, there weren't any inklings there was going to be a road car at all. Rather, only a purpose-built race car meant to decimate all at the notorious 24 Hours of Le Mans. With the upcoming 50th anniversary of Ford wiping the floor with both Ferrari and Porsche at the famed racetrack, Ford wanted to build something special for its triumphant return. But after the media blitz Ford in Detroit, all that got lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, one designer is looking towards the future. RELATED: See More of the All-New Ford GT RC82 Workchop took the images of the standard GT, and gave us an earlier visual as to its racing counterpart. In one word, it looks stunning. Using the entirety of the new Ford GT body, the artist created sort of a hybrid racer. And by hybrid I don’t mean electric, but rather, a hybrid between an LM P1 racecar, and the more road based GTE Class. The concept has all the road car features in the overall design, but with the addition of a large rear wing, front splitter, and a trailing fin much like the LM P1 cars that dominate current endurance racing. Overall, the concept looks about as race ready as you can get. From those little clips we saw a few days ago in the Forza video, this looks to be a very accurate rendition. Now we just can't wait for this thing to actually hit the track. RELATED: 1966 Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40 to be Restored _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide