Confused Woman Reported Her Snow-Covered Car Stolen

A brain: everybody has one, but not everybody uses it. During a recent snowstorm in Racine, Wisconson, a case of a missing car actually turned out to simply be a case of a car buried under a giant pile of snow. According to Stephanie Jones of The Journal Times, the owner of the red Dodge Neon pictured above left the car running for 20 minutes (for the record, warming up your car isn't that serious) before returning to the parking spot where she claimed she couldn't find her ride. Because the car was nowhere to be seen, the owner called the police and reported the vehicle stolen. The reality, however, was that a snowplow had driven by (you know, because that sometimes happens during snowstorms) and completely covered the car in the white fluffy stuff. The worst part is that it took the person 30 minutes to realize the mistake and call the police back. At the end of the day, Racine Police Lt. Al Days used the incident as a lesson for those who think it's OK to leave keys in cars unattended. “It’s a huge temptation for car thieves,” he said. Uhhh, ya think? RELATED: Snow Crawler Concept Could Be the Ultimate Winter Ride
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