One-Off Roadster is a Morgan on a Budget

For as long as there have been automobiles, there have also been people in sheds, barns, and garages creating their own home-built cars. More often than not, these homemade cars turn out to be a bit sketchy and a bit lacking in the styling department. This appears to do neither of those things.  This one-off roadster is currently up for sale on eBay, and while there are a few discrepancies as to its exact specifications, it can be had for significantly less money than a similarly styled and hand-built Morgan. What do you think Interwebs, is it worth it? RELATED: Feast your eyes on the sleek 1967 Morgan Plus 4 According to the listing, the custom car is titled as a 1935 Ford, most likely due to its six-cylinder engine that the seller notes came out of a period Ford. The body is all steel, while the undercarriage has been taken from a 1935 Cord, along with its suspension, brakes and parts of its running gear. The seller even lists a build video of the car, taken by the car's designer, which causes some of the details to get a bit murky. That video suggests the car was built atop a custom frame and utilizes a 4.1-liter Chevrolet inline six mated to a Powerglide transmission. Any engine spotters want to tell us which six-cylinder it really is? What isn't up for debate is the car's steel body, which was hand-formed piece by piece, all aside from the fenders, which reportedly came from a 1938 Ford. The car's original design featured a pin-up bomber girl hand painted on the rear deck. We wish it were still there. RELATED: Morgan promises a new model for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show As far as we can tell, the Ferrari Testarossa and 456 in the background aren't for sale, but maybe they'll give you a package deal if you buy the roadster. All things considered, you certainly won't see another one of these cruising around your neighborhood. RELATED: Morgan Aeromax looks like the '30s, with a 370 horsepower surprise _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide 

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