How To Turn a Pickup Bed into a Pickup Bedroom

Some people read the words “truck bed” and think cargo capacity. Reddit user tylerthompson21,though, took those words to a whole new level and thought mattress capacity. So, he created a bedroom in his pickup’s bed. He laid out his whole restoration on Imgur. Consider it your do-it-yourself guide for turning a Toyota Tacoma truck bed into a truck bedroom complete with USB chargers, LED interior lighting and stereo speakers. RELATED: Firetrucks Make Great Bed and Breakfasts Is it a perfect project? Pretty close. By using wood, only about 150 pounds was added to the bed. But from the pictures, we’re left wondering: why not restore the Tacoma bed before building a bedroom on top of it? There’s a lot of ingenuity built into this truck, as well as cost savings. For example, he used old skateboard bearings for the drawer slides. As he said, “They were free and can handle a lot of weight.” Free is always good when engaged in a project like this. RELATED: See More Photos of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma There are some smart steps along the way like building the frame with angle iron for easy removal. After all, one day he is going to want to sell this truck and it’s probably going to be more marketable without the frame. Then again, maybe not. This could also double as a great work pickup once you take the mattress out. RELATED: Bigfoot Model A Mail Truck is the Stuff of Legends _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide