Morgan Promises New Model For Geneva

We haven’t heard much from British automaker Morgan for quite some time. Last we knew, the company was struggling with a few, um, ‘differences’ between board members. But squabbles aside, Morgan promises something special for Geneva. Here’s what a very vague press release had to say: “We are excited to announce that the 85th International Geneva Motor Show 2015 will play host to the world premiere of a new Morgan. We look forward to sharing further information with you over the next few weeks.” Vague indeed. Along with the not-so-revealing text, we see what looks like the front end of an Aero SuperSports, and a reveal date. Maybe a Super SuperSports? March 3rd can’t come soon enough. RELATED: Morgan Plus 8 Speedster is Modern Power Wrapped in Vintage Styling _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide