$352,000 Chevy Bel Air 'Chezoom' is Worth Every Penny

In terms of popular classic cars to customize and resto-mod, the Chevy Bel Air pops up a lot. Its iconic lines and lovable retro looks lend themselves well to the abilities of today's mod-shops, but none look quite as striking as this '57 Bel Air.  Well known in the custom car community, “Chezoom” was built by legendary customizer Boyd Coddington for close friend and owner of Mr. Gasket, Joe Hrudka. It recently crossed the block at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, and rang up an incredible $352,000 winning bid. We caught up with Boyd Coddington Jr. to learn more about the car and its early eBay promise. RELATED: Take a closer look at Boyd Coddington's Bel Air 'Chezoom' “Back in 2001, Joe needed to sell the car,” remembers Coddington. “When that happens we always like to get those cars back. So we brought it over to the showroom and it sat there for about a month or so, got a few nibbles. At the time, I had started to do a little bit with eBay, but it hadn't really become that big yet.” “I went over to my dad's office, there was Chezoom, and I said 'Why don't we put that thing on eBay?' He said, 'Ebay? Are you kidding me? Get the f@#& out of here, we're not putting my car on eBay.'” RELATED: Gas Monkey Garage turned this '60 Bel Air into a wicked low-rider It's easy to understand why. Chezoom sits on a custom tubular steel chassis, features completely bespoke body modifications, and a gorgeously styled interior. As a result only about 10 percent of the original Bel Air remains intact. Underneath, a 300 horsepower Corvette V8 and running gear give the Bel Air of the future some proper get-up-and-go. It's not something you can easily let disappear to the throws of eBay. “Another month passes,” mentions Coddington, “and I come back and say 'hey, what about that eBay thing?' Again, he says 'no, no, no, not gonna happen.' Then it got to the point where we had the car for about three months, almost sold it twice, took a deposit once, and he comes back in my office.” RELATED: Take a look back at the iconic '50s Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe “He says, 'What do you think about putting Chezoom up on eBay?' I laughed and said, 'Dad, I think that's a great idea.'” Almost immediately, the car returned an overwhelming response and the Coddingtons were inundated with hundreds of emails a day. One caught Boyd's eye. It was from frequent customer Scotty Gray. The two went back and forth for about a week, Boyd Sr. approved the sale, and Chezoom had been bought. eBay has since become quite considerably bigger. _______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide