Watch a Motorcycle Rider Get Hit, Flip Into the Air and Land on His Feet

Lots of dash cam footage exists out there with crazy crashes, but this helmet cam footage from a very motorcyclist is hard to believe. It starts out with him waiting for the light to change at a busy San Francisco intersection, which isn't all that exciting. Seconds after he pulls forward that all changes. The driver of a Volkswagen coming in from his left doesn't see the light change or doesn't feel like stopping. Either way, he comes barreling through the intersection and collides with the motorcycle, a 2011 Triumph Daytona 675. You can see the car coming, but even if he saw it, things moved too fast for him to get out of the way. RELATED: Watch a 200 MPH Motorcycle Crash Here's where it gets freaky. Rather than seeing the hood of the car and the pavement up close, we instead see the sky. Somehow, the angle of impact boots him off of his bike. He flips in the air and comes down on both feet, facing the Volkswagen. After standing there for a second or two to double check that he's all in one piece, he walks across to the sidewalk and eventually takes a seat. This guy is really lucky, or he's part Ninja. Maybe it's both. RELATED: Watch Crazy Bike Crashes Backwards
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