Beat the Blizzard with the 2WD Trail-Breaker Motorcycle

They say you shouldn't ride a motorcycle during a snow storm, then again, they have probably never seen one of these. This is a 1963 Nethercutt Trail-Breaker. It packs two-wheel drive, it was built to travel over snowy mountainous terrain, and if you're convinced that you need one – you're in luck. This one is up for sale on eBay, just in time for the next pummeling snow storm. 

In the 1950s, Californian inventor Charles Fehn decided he wanted to build a rough-and-tumble motorcycle that could cross all sorts of terrain with ease. It took him three patent attempts and a few years of hard work, but in the end, the innovative Fehn created an off-road marvel, and he named it 'Trail-Breaker'.

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Over its six decades in existence, the bike has certainly blazed a more ways than one. In the early '60s entrepreneur J.B. Nethercutt began producing the Trail-Breaker under license in Sylmar, California. Then in 1964, one of the top Trail-Breaker distributors – Orla Larsen – purchased the company, renamed it Rokon, and shifted production to Vermont. Nowadays, Rokon is located in New Hampshire, and they continue to produce Trail-Breakers.

This special 1963 model dates itself to the motorcycle's original Nethercutt production run. Power might only come from a tiny 134cc engine, but it's enough to turn those oversized wheels and the crank that two-wheel drive setup in almost any inclement weather imaginable. It's the epitome of 'slow-and-steady wins the race', and amidst a world of 200 mph super bikes – the Trail-Breaker is an absolute gem.

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