Let 'Car Matchmaker' Find You Your Next Ride

Esquire Network’s Car Matchmaker is back for a second season— and it’s looking for people to match up with cars. Got a jones for a certain car? Are you vaguely interesting? TV stardom could be in your future. The show is hosted by Spike Feresten, who’s best known for being a writer on Seinfield. He’s also been a huge car nut probably since he cashed those first big TV writer paychecks. RELATED: Seinfeld and His $1 Million Porsche 918 Spyder Anyway, Esquire and Feresten are in search of a guy in need of a car. (They say “guy” because apparently only guys are seeking cars.) Feresten gets to know the guy, does his car buying mojo, and selects three. The buyer then chooses. Tension ensues. Will Spike agree? Will the viewer agree? It’s just fun loving reality TV. RELATED: See Photos of a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 63 So the call has gone out. Feresten and his producers are looking for people who might be having a baby but don’t want a minivan. Or someone recently divorced who wants to invigorate their self-worth on the dating scene with a cool ride. Watch an episode below.
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