Not Even This Seahawks Lamborghini Could Will Seattle to Victory

Today is a sad day. It's Monday, it's February — typically the most boring month of the year — and fans across the world are slowly trying to accept the fact that there's no more football for eight months. The hiatus is going to be particularly rough for Seattle Seahawks fans this year after losing to the New England Patriots 28-24 last night. But at least one 12th Man (what the Seahwaks fanbase calls themselves), had something awesome to ride home in. This Lamborghini was spotted out and about this weekend in Phoenix, but it's actually been around since August of this past year. One loyal fan took the car to Wrap Jax in Tacoma, Washington, and created a look to match the Seahawks uniform. It even has a matching truck and trailer for traveling. RELATED: Chevy Gave Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady a Truck He’ll Never Use According to Q from Wrap Jax, the multi-layered exterior on the Lamborghini took about eight hours after spending time discussing the layout and printing the pieces ahead of time. "That one we did in a bunch of different layers," he said in a phone interview. "The white that is on the car is the actual pearl white paint. We did a matte apple green accent and printed the Hawks feather pattern for the hood and the roof and produced the 12s for the sides." RELATED: Ferrari LaFerrari Gets a Houston Texans J.J. Watt Makeover Q didn't give a specific cost of this particular Lamborghini project, however, he noted that Wrap Jax donated part of the wrap, because the company was excited to support the hometown team. For reference, a full wrap on a Honda Fit costs around $2,500-2,800 and a wrap on a Ford F-150 costs about $3,200-3,500. When the car isn't busy running around at football games, Wrap Jax takes this and its own Seahawks-themed 1964 Volkswagen Bug (pictured below) to outings.

"We’ll take it to different charity events and put it on display and people can take pictures and sit in them," Q said. "It’s a fun way to give back."

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  Check out how amazing the feather print (the same one used in the jersey numbers) looks:  

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Despite the final score of the game, this Lambo should still put a smile on Seahawk fans' faces. Photo credits: WrapJax and @darylsdiamonds _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide