Chevy Gave Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady a Truck He'll Never Use

Tom Brady has owned a multitude of different high-end automobiles. He's had an Audi R8, at least one Range Rover, and he's been spotted filling up a Rolls-Royce Ghost. And that's just what the paparazzi have been lucky enough to see him in. But, sure, Chevrolet, he's totally going to love that Chevrolet Colorado (considering the GMC is the official vehicle of the NFL, why not the Canyon, at the very least?) you just gave him for earning the Super Bowl MVP. RELATED: Chevy Colorado to Take on Ford Raptor with Aggressive Off-Road Package? Four years ago, Aaron Rodgers was awarded a Camaro convertible. Three years ago, Eli Manning was given a Corvette Grand Sport. Two years ago, Joe Flacco got a brand new Corvette, which is by far the best car any MVP has been given. Even Malcolm Smith got a full-size Silverado. It's understandable that this is mostly a marketing move, and Chevy wants to show off the new smaller truck it's introduced, but c'mon. At least give Brady (who has now won four Super Bowls and three MVPs) another Escalade like when he won SB MVP back in 2004. That's a vehicle that would work great for his family. All that said, who really knows? Maybe the car is worthy, and Brady will love it. After all, this is a vehicle that has technology and stuff. Screencap Credit: Forest Lake Chevrolet