Watch Salvaged Cars From Grounded Cargo Ship Drive Off, Likely to be Scrapped

The cargo ship Hoegh Osaka intentionally ran aground in early January with a hold full of 1,400 cars, and only now we're getting a first look at how those vehicles fared. Although some look fine, others have suffered very visible damage and there's talk that some of them may be written off as a complete loss. The ship was carrying 1,200 Jaguar Land Rovers, 65 Minis, and 105 JCB construction vehicles on its way from the Southampton port to Bremerhaven, Germany when it began to severely list to the side. Fearful that the ship would capsize entirely, the captain chose to run it aground on Bramble Bank. RELATED: Watch a Huge Cargo Ship Plow Straight Into The Shore Looking at how badly the ship was canted to the side, one couldn't help but have visions of cars all mashed in a heap against one side of the ship, but things weren't quite as bad as they looked. The cars were all securely strapped down for the trip so they weren't just sliding around when things went wrong. There was, however, other equipment in the ship that did slide a bit and it looks like that may have caused some problems. They began driving the cars off the Hoegh Osaka and quite a few look undamaged. That's the good news. The bad news is that there were definitely some that fared very badly with lots of dented sheet metal and what looks like a missing window on at least one car. Rumor has it that the whole lot may be scrapped, but it'll all depend on what they find when they thoroughly check out each vehicle. RELATED: Watch a Couple of Cargo Ships Smash Into Each Other in The Suez Canal
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