What is the Most Elusive New Car?

Chances are that if you're a bit of a car fan, from time to time you'll come across a rare automotive gem during your daily commute – something you weren't expecting, but glad to see still exists. Most of the time these cars are old, antiquated, and seemingly on their last legs after decades of servitude. But sometimes they can be newer...much newer.  So we figured we'd pose the question: which new or later-model cars do you rarely see on the road? We'll expand 'new' to include vehicles built within the past few years, just for argument's sake. Make sure to let us know in the comments below! A few cars that immediately come to mind are the current Kia K900/Hyundai Equus sisters and the Chevrolet SS, which are lower production models in the first place. Other slow-to-sell new car models such as the 2014 Jaguar XK (1,452 sold) and BMW Z4 (2,151) show that the appetite for sports cars has taken a nose dive...at least in sports cars that aren't 911s. If we peel back the years a bit, there are a few more autos worth noting. The Acura ZDX went on sale in the US in 2009 and when it left four years later, just over 6,000 had found homes, including only 361 in its last year. In the case of Saab, the books were closed on the last-generation 9-5 after just a few months on sale, meaning that around 2,300 were left to roam the US, which still includes many lingering 2010 first-gen models. I saw a 2011 9-5 the other day and mistook it for a unicorn. Go back even further and we have such gems as the Dodge Caliber SRT4, which packed a healthy 285 horsepower, obligatory go-fast looks, and total production in the low 5,000 unit range. Barring triple digit limited production supercars, what other modern day rarities can you come up with? _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide