Ron Swanson Wants To Fix America With NASCAR

"We the people have gotten soft, and all the likes in the world aren't going to save us now." You're right, Ron Swanson (aka Nick Offerman). Likes might not save us— but cars will! Particularly, NASCAR cars. For the Big Game on Sunday, NASCAR teamed up with the Parks and Recreation star to deliver a message: Racing is good for you, racing is good for America, and racing is coming back to NBC Sports. It's not coming back to NBC until the weekend of July 4, but the 2015 season officially starts back up Feb. 22 with the Daytona 500. Why is NASCAR good for you, you might ask? Well, if you take this catchy tune as scripture, it's because it involves bumping and grinding in non-sexual ways, bringing your own meats and cooking inside the track, men and women competing together, and it's where people use words like "tuchus." So come along, everybody, and get some NASCAR in your life. RELATED: Bootlegging and NASCAR: From Moonshining to Racing
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