McLaren Drops Another Teaser, And A Name

McLaren, you big teases. Literally as we just finished putting up the last teaser of the new 650S — which is set to debut in Geneva — McLaren went and dropped another teaser. It’s either to work us up into an absolute fervor, or to give us a heartache. Either way, unlike the static teaser shots we saw yesterday, this new teaser is a video. And it’s full of all sorts of wheel slippage. Set perfectly to a classical score, McLaren knows what and how to get everyone’s attention. Take away the teaser nature of the short clip, and it’s rather a beautifully shot film. But the company not only used the video to get everyone excited about the new car, but also used it to debut the name to this limited edition. The 675LT. RELATED: See More Photos of the McLaren 650S
If you didn’t catch the name at first glance, replay the video and look on the rim as it’s rotating in slow motion, and you'll see the car's name emblazoned. That 675 refers to the horsepower and the LT speaks to the Longtail designation. Otherwise, all we have now is speculation. We won't see the final product until March 5th. RELATED: Read more about the McLaren LeMans Special Edition here ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide