Watch This Rickshaw Go From Land to Water and Back Again

This is the Salamander, a rickshaw designed to function on both land and in the water. The vehicle was designed by Atoy Llave who does all sorts of aftermarket body kits and is very popular in the Philippines, where this rickshaw came to life. The Salamander is powered by your choice of either a a 5kW electric engine or a 250cc gasoline motor that move the rear wheels when the vehicle is on land or a little propeller when it's in the water. This prototype is made of molded fiberglass and is completely watertight so no adjustments need to be made before it can go for a swim. RELATED: Watch This Ferrari F50 Boat Take to the Sea According to Top Gear Philippines, Llave developed the vehicle in part because he wants to do some good for the people of his country. Flooding is a common occurrence and he sees this as a way to help people who might otherwise be stranded when the waters rise. The 6-person Salamander is still just a prototype and Llave is hoping to get additional funding to put it into production soon. It will be a challenge for him to get the money he needs, but Llave is committed to seeing it through and expects the Salamander to retail for about $6,345 when it's ready to sell. RELATED: Check Out the World's Fastest Amphibious Car
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