Watch This Nissan 240SX Snow Drift Into Live TV Viewers' Hearts

Once the #Blizzardof2015 was dubbed Juno, it should have been evident that the so-called "epic" snowstorm was going to be messy, but small. At least, that's essentially all it was in NYC, where everybody was running around grabbing as much bread (even the kind with gluten, gasp!) as possible and preparing to be snowed in until Easter. But while hundreds of thousands were hunkering down with their spiked hot chocolate and re-watching last week's season premiere of Girls, at least one driver was enjoying the natural benefits of the elements. If you have a rear-wheel-drive automobile, snowstorms can cause a lot of problems. However, if you know how to properly finesse the car, snow is an absolute blast. RELATED: Watch a Nissan S13 Drift Around a Burning Christmas Tree Live TV viewers saw this first hand when a Nissan 240SX power slid right behind a reporter while she was doing her standup. As RaceCarThings points out, It also sounds like the passenger in the car made some less than wholesome comments, but that's not the focus. If you're so inclined to try this, don't do it in traffic. Go try it out in a wide-open parking lot with no cars and only a few far-apart light posts.
BONUS: Even the plows were gettin' jiggy wit it.
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