Watch the Car Ads of the 2015 Super Bowl

That most holy of holy days in the world of sports is almost upon us: Super Bowl XLIX. But while you've been stocking up on the tortilla chips and cheese dip, you might not have caught up on all the latest car ads expected to air during the big game.  Do not despair, we've collected them here for your viewing pleasure, minus a few notable non-entries this year. US auto giants General Motors and Ford haven't committed to any Super Bowl ads for 2015. Enjoy, and let us know which ad gets your top vote! BMW i3 “Newfangled Idea”
The Internet caught NBC broadcasters Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric off-guard in 1994. It appears the BMW i3 is doing the same thing, 21 years later. What is the Internet anyway? We've heard so much about it. Volvo XC60 "The Greatest Interception Ever"
You won't see a Volvo ad during the Super Bowl, because instead of investing in ad space, Volvo wants to invest in people. During the big game's car commercials, you can tweet #VolvoContest and tell Volvo who has changed your life. The winning nomination will receive a new XC60. Not bad! Toyota Camry “How Great I Am”
The legendary words of Muhammad Ali. A look inside the life of US Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy. It's hard not to get motivated after this ad spot, encouraging us all to find the fighter within. Toyota Camry #2 “To Be a Dad”
Toyota doubles down on its inspirational greatness speech with a look at what it means to be a great father, and secondly a great football player. NFL dads DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson, and Kurt Warner all get parenting MVP awards. Mercedes-AMG GT “Fable”
It's a classic children's tale: the race between the tortoise and the hare. Except the tortoise isn't exactly “slow and steady” anymore, at least once he gets his hands on the 2016 AMG GT S. It turns out 503 horsepower beats a hare any day. Nissan #withdad Campaign
Nissan is also getting in on the "dad" videos during this year's Super Bowl. Its first ad during the big game in 18 years has been alluded to by some of the talented fathers of YouTube, including the pops of Dude Perfect, the dads of Epic Meal Time, and prankster/father Roman Atwood. Kia Sorento “The Perfect Getaway”
Bond? No, Brosnan. Pierce's agent pitches him the screenplay to the next big action movie Kia Sorento ad. Things get a bit snowy, but thanks to 290 horsepower and all-wheel-drive, the mission is a success. Lexus NX “Make Some Noise”
No celebrity endorsements, no outrageous explosions, just a lot of dancing. Lexus highlights their brand new NX Turbo with this 30-second ad, asking you the viewer to make some noise. Noise certainly won't be in short supply on Super Bowl Sunday. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide