The DTV Shredder is a Segway on Steroids

Segways were once the next big thing, but they didn't become the preferred mode of transport for anyone except mall cops. The DTV Shredder is sort of like the Segway — but on steroids, and slightly insane, and it will run down that mall cop without a second thought. It's an off-road vehicle created by BPGWerks and is designed to handle all different kinds of terrain. Instead of boring old wheels, it's got treads like you'd find on a tank. It has a 196cc, 14-horsepower engine that lets it hit speeds up to 25 mph. RELATED: See Photos of the 2009 GM Puma Concept Your feet rest on a deck plate and how you lean on that plate determines which way your DTV Shredder will go. If you want to speed up or hit the brakes, that's controlled by a thumb controller in the handlebars. It's able to handle snow, mud, and rocks so it's a toy you can use all year long, but you can't use it just yet. They haven't started selling the DTV Shredder but according to Supercompressor, it will go on sale sometime later this year. You can have this in your arsenal of toys for around $4500. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Dacar Concept by Samir Sadikhov   _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide