Watch Pilot Survive Plane Crash Like a Boss

Today over the Pacific at 5,000ft, a pilot in a single engine plane near Hawaii radioed authorities that his Currus SR-22 was running low on fuel. Within minutes, the prop came to a halt and it started immediately plummeting. He was 250 miles from any airport. RELATED: Watch this airplane make a terrifying sideways landing The Coast Guard reacted brilliantly and directed the plane to ditch near a Cruise ship. As you can see from the video below (captured from a Coast Guard plane) - the pilot deployed an emergency chute and drifted down to the water without incident. Yeah, like a boss. PHOTOS: See photos of a flying car that could be reality The cruise ship rescued him in 12 foot seas and he's in good condition, probably even at the buffet at this point. Sources say the plane had fuel, but a mechanical issue restricted it from getting to the engine. Regardless, this pilot is our hero.
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