This Overloaded Truck Had No Chance

This video is circulating around the web today and it comes to us from Thailand. The truck is so ridiculously overloaded you can't help but ask yourself "what the hell were they thinking?" And, how did they think it would end any other way that on its side? Related: The 6 Weirdest Trucks from around the world Luckily, it appears that nobody got hurt from this but what's apparent is that the group on the bus videoing got some good entertainment. It makes you wonder how the truck drivers they would take corners? As you watch the video you'll notice they are not going very fast at all. RELATED: Make this massively huge truck yours for $600k At about :20 in you realize how fearless the guys on the motor scooters are - there's even a guy who passes on the left. Yeah, no thanks.
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