Watching This Plane Land Could Make You Lose Your Lunch

Most people who have taken a flight in an airplane have at least one horror story. It usually involves either a screaming child or a particularly rough flight, but you won't find many with a story as scary as the one the passengers on this plane experienced. The landing took place at Birmingham Airport, which has a reputation for strong crosswinds. You wonder if the pilot and his passengers knew what they were in for when they got on this flight. RELATED: Watch a Massive Boat Crash at Ridiculously Slow Speed The airplane approaches and comes down very quickly, all the while visibly fighting against the winds to stay centered over the runway. The pilot does an incredible job and brings the plane down just slightly sideways. He then gets pushed along even on the ground with the plane's wings tipping wildly before it slows enough for the pilot to get it all under control. Pilots are trained to handle these sorts of things and clearly he knew what he was doing. But it still had to be completely nerve-wracking to be in that situation. Wonder how many of the passengers on that flight decided to forgo a return trip and just drove home instead? RELATED: See Photos of the AeroMobil Flying Car
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