Watch These Crazy V8 Superboats in Action

If you haven’t been turned onto V8 Superboats, then you’ve been sorely missing out on one of the craziest forms of motorsport we’ve encountered. Like many things that come from Down Under — aka Australia — it looks like these boats are actively trying to kill you. What you do is throw away any notion of a survival instinct, and cram a twin-turbo methanol-injected V8 behind your head, and hit the throttle. At this point, you are probably thinking, “Well that doesn’t sound too hard. It’s just super fast in a straight line right.” Wrong: watch and learn. RELATED: See Photos of the Tupolev Russian Gullwing Boat
That’s Tyler Finch and his V8 Superboat, Loose Cannon. It makes an insane 1,600+ horsepower, runs hydro-jet propulsion, and makes snap turns look like he’s racing on tarmac in a Formula 1 car. I don’t even think I can blink as fast as he’s turning. That being said, Tyler’s running in the Unlimited Class of V8 Superboats where — and I’m not making this up — these are the only rules: "UNLIMITED V8 SUPERBOAT: Any boat size, type and configuration with any engine size, type and configuration will be permitted, provided the boat is propelled solely by a water-jet unit/s, carries two crew persons and complies with all safety requirements as specified under Boat and Equipment rules including an approved Roll-cage. The use of fuels other than Petrol is permitted, provided the fuel type is notified to the Event Organiser prior to competition. The only Methanol (alcohol) fuel permitted is No. 5 (oil added). "The use of Nitrous oxide and Nitro methane is prohibited. Boats using Methanol fuel shall display a red letter “M” on each side of the hull in bold lettering on a contrasting background. Minimum letter size shall be 7”/ 17.5cm. When entering for any event, all unlimited superboat Drivers must be able to show proof of prior Jet Sprint experience. (6 meetings minimum as a Group A Driver) Jet Sprint experience may be gained in Group “A” without restriction. Any new driver or 350 Class driver that wishes to compete in Superboats must apply to the committee, upon approval the boat must be fitted with a suitable restrictor, so that the horsepower of the engine can be limited, until the committee sees fit to increase the allowable horsepower or de-restrict the driver. The minimum age for unlimited superboat competitors shall be 18 years for a Driver and 16 years for a Navigator. Proof of age may be required." RELATED: See Photos of the 1967 Amphicar RELATED: Watch the slowest massive boat crash ever Essentially, that means as long as you have some safety equipment, you can run whatever you want. The above paragraphs are the entirety of the rules for the Unlimited Class. For comparison, the next tier of racing, the Restricted 350 Class, the rules are 18 pages long. We believe it’s time this sport is brought over to the US, and maybe the US is the right place to have the rules opened up even more. How about Ford supplies a new Ford GT’s powertrain to builders? Or Chevy gives the new LT4 out? Maybe a lunatic finds a junked Ferrari 458 and throws that motor into one of the boats? All we know is that V8 Superboats are awesome. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide