This Multi-Armed Octopus Tractor is Agricultural Erotica

It's the question that's puzzling a nation. How does one mow an entire ditch bank in one fell swoop. Well, we're here to quell the confusion – it's with this – the quad-armed Claas Xerion 3300 VC “Octopus” tractor. It's part Spider-Man villain, part agricultural erotica, all hypnotizing. Watch it shear the slopes in the video below. RELATED: See the some of the most bizarre cars ever sold at auction
One can never have enough booms and mower decks. The Xerion 3300 tractor packs four Herder Grenadier MBK LSH mowers, driven by the Octopus' burly 8.8-liter straight-six diesel engine, which summons up 382 horsepower and a 1,248 lb-ft wall of torque. Don't have a flat roadway to traverse? Don't worry – the 3300 comes with permanent four-wheel-drive. The poor bank never saw it coming ... Kudos go to its operator. It doesn't look like this is their first rodeo ... or whatever its equivalent is in The Netherlands. If doing this is part of your daily routine, we suggest investing in this bad boy of the farming world. Your day just got quite a bit expedited. RELATED: The KiraVan is one part Unimog and two parts science project _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide