New York Is Dumping Old Subway Cars Into The Ocean

It's important that we protect our oceans, so the idea of filling them up with old, rusty, subway cars seems like a really bad one. Turns out, dumping those old subway cars is a very good idea and one that actually helps the ocean and all the creatures that call it home. Once they're no longer in service, New York completely strips down its old subway cars to remove everything but the metal frames. They then take them out on giant boats and toss them into the water where they become a vital part of the natural environment. RELATED: See Photos of a 1936 Ford Dump Truck According to Gizmodo, rather than just becoming the dangerous rusted mess you probably imagine, they instead serve as a place for coral to thrive. This in turn supports sea life and helps strengthen the natural food chain. It seems completely backward, but this is the rare occasion when dumping trash into the ocean is actually a good thing. It seems that the shape of the subway cars is what makes them ideal for coral. The long flat surfaces of the cars are perfect for coral colonies to develop, grow, and become thriving underwater communities. Still, seeing the rusted cars dumped unceremoniously into the water can't help but make you cringe a little. RELATED: See Photos of the Russian Tuplev Gullwing Boat   _______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide