Watch a Sliding SUV Narrowly Escape a Huge Crash

The skies open up, it starts to come down, and that can be a nuisance in the form of rain or snow. But when that precipitate becomes ice, however, it just gets plain dangerous, as demonstrated by this shocking video taken during a recent storm in Yonkers, NY.  An SUV heading downhill hit an ice patch and proceeded to lose control, all while already traveling quite fast. Miraculously, at least for the local insurance companies, the driver kept it together, swerved back and forth, and successfully avoided all the parked cars, until coming to an abrupt stop at the edge of a storefront with a slight crash into the back of another stranded car. Take look. RELATED: Watch the moments before a Lamborghini Huracan crashes at 205MPH
Don't believe it's slick? Just look at the guys on the near corner, one of which can barely keep standing on the iced-over downhill sidewalk. It's a story that is best told in vertical video format. One thing is clear though, when it starts to get icy out – slow is fast. RELATED: Watch this lane-splitting motorcycle video end in a huge crash ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide