The Ford Focus RS Is Actually Happening

Last week after the Detroit Auto Show, I think we all felt a bit cheated by Ford. Sure, the company showed off a plethora of awesomeness with the new GT, GT350R, and the Raptor. However, the most of us will never be able to afford such creations. What I wanted to see was the new Focus RS that was slated to debut — I even wrote about it afterwards. But lo and behold, it looks like my prayers have been all but answered. That's because Ford is actually building a new RS, though it won't be here until Feb. 3. Chicago Auto Show, maybe? No word on how much power it will have, but rumor has it it will be just north of 320 horsepower. And obviously, all-wheel drive is a must. Either way, we're all pretty darn excited. Watch the video below and you will be too. RELATED: See more photos of the last Focus RS here
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