The 1968 Camaro That Gave its Owner a Job

As kids, many of us dream of muscle car ownership and have high-octane fantasies. Some of us even save up endlessly for a classic project car of our own, most of the time monetarily ruinous and usually wrought to within an inch of its life. Adam Martin was one of those kids and in the mid '90s he spent his hard-earned pizza-making money on a rough-around-the-edges 1968 Camaro 18 years later, Martin still proudly owns the car, which continues to lack a radio, and is still a bit rough in places. But each little nick and dent represents a lesson he learned, resulting in a process that he claims completely changed his life. The guys at Petrolicious took a look. RELATED: Check out this iconic 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Martin slowly evolved his skills from general engine maintenance to respraying the car, in fact the hood still displays a mark left by a fallen coat hanger during the painting process. Later came instruction through a local machinist course and before long a newly built 454ci V8 was shoehorned underneath the hood, bent and hammered headers in all. As he puts its, “Lucy” might not be perfect but it's his story displayed on four wheels, and it's a first-hand automotive education that gave him a career path he might not otherwise have found. RELATED: Take a look at this incredible 1968 Yenko Camaro SS ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide